Practical Skills (2002)

"Every participant to the workshop could undertake to teach me a new skill that involves the use of one’s hands. Each lesson took place only once, and lasted for one hour. In total, i received 18 lessons, mostly from students of San Francisco art schools. In exchange for being taught, i offered the participant a lesson from my own set of skills.
Among others, Anne taught me how to cut hair; Mary Elisabeth to wield metals, Susan to make small animals in clay, Carolyn to use Photoshop, Stacey to transfer an image from a xerox-copy to a different surface, Shane to make a serigraphy, Josh to play basket-ball, Evan to take off one’s t-shirt without taking off one’s coat."

Practical Skills took place within the context of the event “Generosity Project” curated by Ted Purves, involving a conference, a workshop and an exhibition, at CCAC, San Francisco (January 31 – February 11 2002).